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Running water doesn’t happen all by itself. You need the right connectors, pipes, tubing and many other components and tools to get water to the right access points in a residence or commercial building. Browse our vast selection of water supply connectors to find the right fit for your next project:



A full selection of PEX connectors, crimps and press fittings for use with a PEX plumbing system. PEX is the first choice for plumbing in residential and commercial homes for standard pressure systems due to its easy customization and simple, solder and glue-free installation.



Solid brass connectors threaded for use with your choice of pipe material.


Threaded connectors for use with PVC pipe and adhesive/sealant.



High quality connectors for use with copper pipe plumbing.


Black Iron

For use with heavy-duty steel and iron pipe, these connectors are built to last.


Cast Iron

Suitable for drainage and high pressure flow systems, cast iron water connectors are among the strongest pipe connectors available.

Speciality Fittings

For cosmetic and specialty purposes, these fittings are purpose made of various materials for specific applications.

Meter Risers

Used for connecting natural gas polyethylene pipes to metal pipes, these connectors are ideal for connecting residential homes to municipal natural gas lines.


Stub Outs

Cap off plumbing during rough out until you are ready to install fixtures.

Pipe Nipples

Everything you need to adapt pipes to hose systems.

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