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Shifting water from one location to another is a practice as old as time itself. To this day, construction sites, homes and commercial buildings all employ pumps to move water or transfer it where it needs to be. At Supply Online, we offer three types of commonly used pumps:


Transfer Pumps

Used inline on larger water hoses, transfer pumps move water out of reservoirs or low-lying pockets of land or property where water tends to collect. They operate above water, so they don’t need to be sealed for immersion and tend to require less work to use and maintain. Construction crews use these pumps to keep water from collecting in basements and other below-waterline construction sites.

Sump Pumps

Homeowners who have a basement in low-lying areas or flood plains are probably very familiar with sump pumps. Immersed at the bottom of a reservoir, these pumps self activate when the water rises to a set level. Excess water is pumped out to a drainage area on the property where it won’t flood out the basement or cause other water damage to the house. Sump pumps are critical to preventing basement flooding, and any home with a basement should have some form of sump pump installed if only for flash flood and emergency use.

Circulator Pumps

When you turn on the hot water tap in your bathroom or kitchen sink, you want the water to come out hot right away. Circulator pumps keep hot water moving through the plumbing of a home so that hot water is “instant on” at all taps. If hot water at the ready is important to contractors or clients, a quality circulator pump is what you need.

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