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Here you will find everything you need to get water or gas from point A to all points B through Z in any home or commercial property. Here’s a brief overview of what we have available:...


Access Doors and Panels

For hiding shut-off valves and giving visible valve boxes a professional, finished appearance.


Bathroom Hardware

Everything you need for toilet paper and towel racks.


Brazing and Soldering

Not all plumbing fixtures can be as easy to connect as a PEX system. Here you can find everything you need for connecting plumbing and fixtures the old fashioned way.


Drain Cleaners

Power clean any drain to restore function and prevent overflow.


Drains and Drain Components

All components and connectors needed for proper drain installation and repair.



Kitchen or bathroom, we’ve got you covered.



Get a secure fit for all your pipes, hoses and fixtures.


Garbage Disposals

An essential component of every kitchen sink. Get what you need to install the best.


Gas and Water Line Connectors

Keep the gas and water flowing where it needs to go with our high quality line connectors.


Hose Bib and Hydrants

Everything you need for garden hose installation.


Outlet Boxes

Give your gas and water service valves a finished look.


Pipe and Tubing

Everything you need to get water or gas from your water source to any point in a home or commercial property.


Move water where it needs to go.


Roof Flashing

Seal your roof exhaust against the elements.



Take your pick from our extensive selection of kitchen, bathroom and utility sinks.


Test and Inspection Equipment

Verify work is up to code for gas and water.


Toilets and Urinals

All parts, units and components needed to install, repair and maintain toilets and urinals.


Tubs and Showers

Fixtures, all-in-one kits and hardware for every bathroom design.



Control water and gas flow safely and easily.


Water Coolers, Dispensers and Fountains

Help workers in commercial buildings stay hydrated with our selecting of wall units, accessories and hardware.


Water and Expansion Tanks

Everything you need to keep your own water or gas reserve on hand.


Water Heaters

Everything you need for hot running water at your fingertips.

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