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Noritz H2F-C H2Flow Replacement Cartridge

WWC Part No/ SKU: 900201

Brand: Noritz

Mfg. Model: H2F-C

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Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)5 x 5.3 x 23 inches
Item Weight (lbs)0.01 Ounces
$549.16 $455.81 /Each
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  • Maintains energy efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Removes existing scale
  • Uses no salt or chemicals and provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to water softeners
The H2F-C is a refill cartridge for the H2Flow Anti-Scale Hard Water Treatment System. The H2Flow collects unwanted minerals before they can get to your tankless water heater system, boiler, or tank type water heater. The H2F helps reduce lifetime maintenance on the entirety of your piping system, maintains your energy efficiency, and effectively removes scale from your water. The productiveness of the H2Flow maintains a safe lead and chemical free anti-scale treatment process, creating zero discharge and no backwash, making it the ideal hard water solution. Scale: The H2Flow (H2F) hard water solution uses TAC (template assisted crystallization) to attract the minerals that otherwise would form on your pipes and heating elements. These unwanted minerals combine to form scale, but with the H2Flow system, this buildup is avoided, and your system continues to function like new, protecting the pipes and the investment you make in your tankless hot water heater. H2Flow is the most effective and economical hard water solution for tankless, boilers, and tank type water heaters, making it a wise choice no matter how you heat your water.
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